About Raju’s Egg & Veg

In 1982, at the age of 21, Rajubhai Rana rented a handcart to start Raju Omlet while also working at a printing press. As fans adored his novelties, he quit his full-time job, and in 1995, he opened his own shop. Now there are more than a dozen locations in India, Dubai and Kuwait. While eggs are mostly eaten for breakfast around the world, Rajubhai created a tradition to enjoy eggs all day and especially late at night! To this day, Raju Omlet in Vadodara is a late-night, self-service eatery where you receive a ticket when placing your order, wait for your meal, and eat on-the go!

In 2012, Raju Omlet received the Times Now Foodie Award for the Best Roadside Dhaba. Rising from humble beginnings, Rajubhai embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Gujarat. Thirty-five years later, he still enjoys coming up with new dishes and personally cooking for his fans around the world.

On a trip back home, Prashant Shah and Vijesh Patel reminisced of their childhood memories at Raju Omlet. They were eager to bring the same taste and quality to America for “eggetarians” but decided to include vegetarian options such as butter paneer tikka, paneer bhurji and paneer tikka rice. Raju’s Egg and Veg brings to you countless egg and paneer delicacies, made fresh and from scratch.